Not a Puppy Mill. & Not Accidental Backyard Breeders

We didn't fall into our amazing puppies by accident. We brought our sweetie Hope home in 2020. And choose our firecracker Fuego to be her mate in 2021. We've been through all the testing to ensure our pups have the best of breeding and traits and to make them healthy companions and friends!

Our Family & Our Dogs


We are taking waiting list deposits for a litter in Summer 2022.

Why Poodles?

Super Smart

Poodles are one of the smartest (and easiest to train) dog breeds. Crossing a Poodle with another breed almost always makes a smarter puppy.


Doodles typically shed very little and are recommended for families with allergies, or those who don’t want to mess with constant dog hair.


Our dogs have been inspected, genetically tested, AND regularly examined by professional vets. We wouldn't want to give you a best friend that can't be with you as long as possible.

Friendly & Cute

I mean just look back at the photos, no further explanation needed here.

Apply for a Pup!

Interested in one of our sweet Pups of Hope?

We don't take this lightly and we aren't looking to just get money and send our little babes off to just anyone. The process for adopting a Pup of Hope includes application (that's this form you see below), a zoom video call, and then deposit of $300 (refundable minus a 9% processing fee) to reserve your puppy if we determine one of our cuties is a good fit!

The application ensures that one of our puppies is JUST RIGHT for you, your family, and the kind of lifestyle you live. We've take the time to breed happy, HEALTHY, energetic, with playfulness and yet sweet and snuggly pups, so if you're looking for a hunting dog or a guard dog...we might not be the best for YOU. (And we'd hate to send this little one to ya to have your or their heart broken...)