Hey there, we're the Yentzer Family!

Take yourself way too seriously sometimes? Yeah, me too. 🙋🏽‍♀️

When’s the last time you just said, “that can wait” and let loose a little?

We workout consistently. Homeschool our five and seven year-old children. Have extracurriculars. And somewhere in there, we try to have fun. 

Before our transition to country living, my Type-A schedule was eating away my sanity. We did all those things in perfect order, perfect time, and with excellence. I bought into the lie that we had to be the best and do everything. All the time.

When I stopped to examine the standards I was setting, it felt wrong. And something hit me. God doesn't call us to be the best. He is the best! He calls us to honor Him. Which set my heart free. So now, we chart a new course- to structure our lives to do just that. 

This means my kids don't need to be the smartest. My house doesn't need to be the cleanest or prettiest. We just need to keep Christ at the center. So, that's what we strive to do.

We believe life is meant to have margin. And yet all the world is shouting at us to do more. Take on more. Be more. And then and only then are we all we are supposed to be and do. Well. I'm here to tell you. That's a lie. Let's start believing that truth, together!

Meet the Fam


- Christ Follower

- Considerate Husband

- Silly Dad

- Realtor

- CrossFit Enthusiast


- Jesus Lover

- Attentive Wife

- Hands-On Homeschooling Mom

- Photographer

- Consistency Pursuer


- Loving Servant

- Helpful Daughter

- Sweet Big Sister

- Craft Lover

- Flouncer Extraordinaire


- Avid Bible Reader

- Snuggly Son

- Funny Brother

- Math Genius

- Barefoot Always